Chocolate Exhibit At The Natural History Museum Of Utah

The littles and I took a trip to the Natural History Museum of Utah for the sassiest one’s preschool field trip.  We were so pleased to have stumbled upon the Chocolate Exhibit, since we consume a good portion of it.  Seriously one of the neatest exhibits!!  Too cool not to share.

natural history museum of utah #utahmama

I had no idea there was so much history and culture with chocolate.  The museum did a great job with the layout, phases, and hands on learning for each section.  All my senses were engaged! My kiddos were completely enthralled.

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My oldest taking in the fact that slaves were used in the chocolate making process.

DSC_0330 web

I LOVED the memorabilia!

chocolate producers #utahmama

DSC_0336 web

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And lastly they end with chocolate taste testing.  The kiddos were very pleased!

Chocolate - Natural History Museum of Utah #utahmama

The Chocolate Exhibit is a must do — put it on your Spring Bucket List.  The exhibit runs until June 1st and is part of the Natural History Museum of Utah  admission.  I hope your family enjoys it as much as we did!

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