The Leonardo is a new kind of museum in Downtown Salt Lake City. The Leo fuses science, technology, and art into experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Love Utah Give Utah 2014: Your $10 could help The Leonardo get $5,000!


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Love Utah Give Utah 2014

Hi everyone! It’s Bryton from The Leonardo. Today is the annual Love Utah, Give Utah 2014 event, a push to raise money for non-profits throughout the state. Browsing through the list of organizations here I’m reminded of how many amazing organizations we have here in Utah. I’ve been a part of The Leonardo for several years and I can say that working for a non-profit can sometimes mean long hours, late nights, early mornings, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I can also say that the rewards that come from these efforts are incalculable. I love my community, and I love what The Leonardo provides for it. The world-class traveling exhibits we’ve brought in have opened my eyes in ways I’d have never imagined. I’ve come to know Leonardo da Vinci. I’ve stood in awe in front of a 6,500 year old mummy. As I type this I am steps away from the Dead Sea Scrolls, the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century.

With our homegrown exhibits, I’ve seen kids take an interest in science they never had before while making a “toy” in our Tinkering Garage. I’ve seen families gather together in the Art Lab and take home a painting they all worked on together. Our workshops, classes, lectures, and other events enrich the community, and everything we do is aimed at planting the seed of curiosity, encouraging our guests to go out and innovate and make their world a better place!

Please visit this link , watch the video, and donate today. Share your Leonardo story in the comments. Your $10 can make a huge difference!



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