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Simple Money Apps For Your Phone

I have downloaded several money management apps over the past year to see if I could find the best and simplest apps that are worth keeping on my phone and that I would use on a regular basis. I have found a few that I think you’ll love.

If you haven’t already, investigate new savings plans, get out of debt plans, and better money management skills. I think most everyone has a smart phone these days, so why not utilize the technology we have at our fingertips. Now, to be honest, I am a list person, so I’ll probably write out my goals and then get them typed in in the apps.

Money Management Apps:

My first top pick is MINTMint.com

Its a free app to download and you can add it to your favorites on your computer so its always handy. I like mint because it has a high level of security like financial institutions do. It’s monitored and verified by TRUSTe
and VeriSign, and supported by RSA Security. It’s a read only site, which means you can’t move funds from one account to another. This is where you track your progress, not transfer money. The best, you have 24/7 protection. I give Mint, 5 stars. (iphone and android)


The next is Manilla. Its full name is “Bill & Accounts manager- Manilla”

best money management apps

The ratings are 5 stars. Its free for the iPhone and is a secure site. You always want to make sure there secure and that they don’t sell off your info. Especially your financial info. The nice feature is you can set up reminders for payments in a text or email. You can put all of your accounts into this app.


Shopping apps: 

I used a lot of these when I lived in the city because you have SO many stores close by. Well, living in the country and being 2 hours away from a Target and Walmart I don’t use many shopping apps anymore. BUT, when I am in the city and spending lots I use these apps a lot.

Red Laser

best apps for 2014

I LOVE red laser. When buying more expensive items, its nice to go to the bar code of the item and scan it. Red laser pulls up the price at all stores and lets you know where the best deal is. LOVE IT. This is how I bought my shark steam and vacuum. I give this app 5 stars and its free.



money management apps

For the iPhone and android. Its free. Create your account, sign up friends. This is not a coupon app. You get paid a little for buying the item. Make your store list, scroll through the app and then click on the items that are on your list. Don’t just buy it because its on the Ibotta app. That won’t help save money. Ibotta pays you for shopping.


The coupon app

Coupon app

Designed for iPhone and iPad. Its a free app. I’m still learning about this app, but its been very helpful. I can see some issues with it but for the most part I give it a 4 star rating.


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