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Primary Children’s New Eccles Outpatient Building

A few weeks ago we gathered a group of bloggers for a sneak peek at Primary Children’s new Eccles Outpatient Building. You can see more about that evening and some of the photos we took there under the #DiscoverPCH hashtag on Instagram.

It would be hard to find a family that has not been touched by Primary Children’s Hospital’s work in our community and region.  So much so that there were often tears as we toured the facility . . . because we are moms . . . and because we love kids. The thing I love most about this building is that it was designed to love kids. From the light fixtures, to the drapes, to the cafeteria, this building is there to help kids feel better – and I love it.

Let me take you on a little tour!

Discover New Horizons - Primary Children's



Aerial view of the Eccles Outpatient Building

This new state of the art facility adds 200,000+ square feet of space to the adjacent Primary Children’s Hospital.

Aerial of Eccles Building 2

Mountainside Cafe

I can’t even call it a cafeteria.  The food was gourmet, the space light and bright, and the staff amazing.  They have a pizza oven AND a gelato machine!PCH Dining


Notice the long bench instead of chairs in the patient exam rooms. You and your kids can stretch out instead of being confined to a chair. Anyone else had a kid freaking out at the doctor? Sometimes you need space for that.


Barn Doors

The doors to exam rooms are on rollers – this not only conserves space, but it makes more space for kids to get around no matter what they are hauling with them. (wagons, wheelchairs, IV’s etc.)


Dialysis Room

I love the fabrics they’ve used throughout the building but I especially love the dialysis room’s drapes. They are bright and fun for an otherwise boring appointment.


The Lights

I could not catch a photo that really does these lights justice.  These adorable balloon lights are scattered around the first floor and are probably the funnest light fixture I’ve encountered in the history of time. It’s little touches like this that clearly make this a child’s space.

Balloon Lights at Primary Children's

Sibling Child Care

Ever had to line up a sitter to take one of your kids to a doctors appointment? Now there is a Sibling Playroom/Kids Camp where you can drop siblings. You’ll receive a pager just like the ones you get at restaurants to alert you in the event you are needed back at the playroom. This is brilliant.

Sibling Child Care

Photo Credit: @livingthescream


This bridge will take you all of the way from the Eccles Outpatient Building to the Huntsman Cancer Institute (with a few stops along the way).


Photo Credit: @Coraliesright

The building is full of small details to discover over time from murals to light fixtures to the decor in the halls. Primary Children’s continues to be an amazing part of our community! Want to check it out? Might we suggest a lunch date in the Mountainside Cafe? You’ll be glad you went.


Brilliant design! New Eccles Outpatient Center #utahmama

* Disclosure: We helped Primary Children’s organize the blogger open house and love working with them!


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