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Extreme Mammals at the Natural History Museum of Utah

Do your kids love creatures? From my 5-year-old to my 13-year-old all of my kids loved the Extreme Mammals exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah! Bonus? The exhibit is probably in my favorite building in the great state of Utah.  You’ve got until July 26th to check it out so put it on your summer bucket list now!

{It’s gorgeous up there this time of year! You might as well snag some family photos outside while you’re at it!}

Extreme Mammals at the Natural History Museum of Utah

  • Stand beneath a life-sized model of Indricotherium, the largest land mammal that ever lived.
  • Explore interactives demonstrating the amazing variety of mammal teeth, skin, and locomotion.
  • Examine a diorama featuring mammals and plants that flourished in the swamps of the high Arctic 50 million years ago.
  • Gaze up at skeletons of aquatic mammals suspended from the ceiling.
  • Crawl inside the armor of a Glyptodont, an extinct car-sized relative of armadillos.
  • Discover some of the extreme mammals that live (or lived) in Utah and see three extreme fossil skulls from NHMU’s collection.


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