Tuesday Tots @ The Leonardo

By Bryton@TheLeo

Ok, imagine for a minute being a toddler visiting the Leo. Fascinating danglies that hang high above your head, a wall of colored lights where the bottom is just about level with your head, same with the lowest lovely things in the gift shop. Hmm, so going through the Art Lab you find big wooden tab... Read More

Traditions: Nineteenth Century Evening

By Lisa Taylor

We have many Traditions.  And I’ll be honest:  My children have voiced some not so positive thoughts toward this tradition over the years. But it’s a lovely--and in truth one of our favorite traditions--one well worth pursuing.  Just keep at it; you will succeed and be the happier for it! ... Read More

The Tradition of Read Alouds

By Lisa Taylor

What makes a good parent?  Is it always being there?  Is it establishing a schedule and always sticking to it? Is it allowing yourself to be spontaneous? Is it being a friend to your child, or an authority figure, always? It is admitting to mistakes, circling round your child like a paranoid guard... Read More

Give Local Authors To Your Teen This Christmas

By laurielarsen

I love books. I just really love them, whether it's picture books I read with my little ones, biographies of impressive historical figures, or silly chic lit romances by Sophie Kinsella. All books are good books to me. But some books are great books. Some books make you think. Some books make yo... Read More

Beach Reads for the Kids

By vanessabrown

Planning a beach trip this summer? Pick up these books to bring along on the road trip to the beach! Beach, by Elisha Cooper: The watercolors in this book are stunning. It celebrates and focuses on all the “little things” at the beach and the things people do near, in or around the sand ... Read More

Nighty Night Books

By vanessabrown

Hey, I can read Good Night Moon every night of my children's lives, BUT maybe they want a couple more books thrown into that bedtime routine. The following are "Nighty Night Books" that we can't get enough of. The Napping House by Audrey Wood and Don Wood:  The artwork is soothing on its own... Read More

Children’s Books with Love & Encouragement

By vanessabrown

When reading books to your children about encouragement and love, it helps you remember to do that with them! You see how good they feel when you read them a storyline encouraging this, and then in turn you get a good reminder to work it into your daily routine more often. Reading these types of boo... Read More

Books with Personality!

By vanessabrown

During our library, bookstore and children's boutique visits we LOVE when we find a book where the storyline is something unique. We love when it just oozes personality and makes us all giggle. Here are some of our favorites that fit that category: Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean... Read More

Library Picks for This Week with a Spring Theme

By vanessabrown

Time to take a trip to your local library! Schedule in time to stay for a good hour. Sometimes it is fun to stay at the library and read the books together rather than doing it at home. These are the books my girls and I loved this week: We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow is a fantastic book ... Read More

This Week’s Children’s Book Picks & Tips

By vanessabrown

Infant Book Pick & Tip Book: The Usborne Book Series called, "That's Not My...." were books that my little girls loved when they were infants. The simplicity, fun illustrations, bright colors, bouncy, fun text and texture in the fabric on the pages captivated them! I love giving these books as... Read More