The Leo Store: Toys and Games to Home Decor

By Bryton@TheLeo

Toys and Games to Home Decor If you are searching for a unique, beautiful, inexpensive store in which to do your festive shopping, look no further than the Leonardo! At the moment we are lucky enough to have two gift shops, one for the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition and the other our year-round store... Read More

The Leonardo Fall Workshops: Salt Lake City Attractions

By Bryton@TheLeo

The Leonardo is one of the great Salt Lake City Attractions. You shouldn't just fall into our workshops this Autumn. You should register, then run, push inanimate objects out the way and lift small children out of your path (unless they are going with you) to get the best seat. First off; you can r... Read More

Hogle Zoo Coupons

By Carrie Finlinson

This season, admission to Hogle Zoo is: Adults (ages 13-64) $12.75 Children (ages 3-12) $9.75 I hate to pay full price. There's always a deal out there somewhere. I've found several ways to score Hogle Zoo coupons: 1. Visit any LES SCHWAB Tire Center and simply ask for a Hogle Zoo c... Read More

Lagoon Discount Tickets for 2013

By Carrie Finlinson

Hoping to find a good deal on Lagoon discount tickets this summer? Tickets at the gate this year are: Regular $45.95 + tax (51 inches in height to 64 years of age) Kinder $40.95 + tax (4 years of age up to 50 inches in height) Senior Citizen $40.95 + tax (65 years of age and older) To... Read More

My Best of 2012

By Carrie Finlinson

I know--it's time to put 2012 to bed and move forward. But I'm still accidentally writing "2012" on my checks and can't help but be a little reflective  before I set out my path for the new year. When I look back, here are a few of my best of 2012: 1. For the first time in my life, I did not los... Read More

Utah Skiing Deals for January

By Carrie Finlinson

It's that time again. January's Learn to Ski and Snowboard month has the BEST Utah skiing deals you'll see all winter--and they are available at every ski resort in Utah. Just log on to Ski Utah and find the deal that works for you. Here are a few highlights: Ski FREE every Thursday in January... Read More

Cedar City Pumpkin Festival

By Rachelle Hughes

I love fall and pumpkins and one of my favorite Southern Utah fall events for kids is the annual pumpkin festival happening Saturday October 13 (the only one of its kind in Southern Utah). For $5 kids can get in and participate in all of the activities which include getting your own pumpkin, fac... Read More

Provo 5K Zombie Chase

By Carrie Finlinson

If there is one thing I've learned from years of exercise: you've got to shake things up. I've never heard of a more interesting way than the Provo 5K Zombie Chase. Why run on a treadmill when you could be running from Zombies? Why take the same old neighborhood route when you could run through ... Read More

Utah Marathon Deal for Families

By Carrie Finlinson

If you have ever considered running a race as a family, the Utah Marathon is offering an awesome deal. When ONE family member pays the full entry fee for any Utah marathon events, all other family members from the same household can enter any of the race events for only $10.00. Here are the deta... Read More

Lagoon Discount Tickets

By Carrie Finlinson

We are headed to Lagoon today. Prices at the gate are: Regular $44.95 + tax (51 inches in height to 64 years of age) Kinder $39.95 + tax (4 years of age up to 50 inches in height) Senior Citizen $39.95 + tax (65 years of age and older) Toddler $28.95 + tax (3 years of age and under... Read More