April Fools! 5 Awesome Kid Pranks

By Erin Collard

  There's nothing dorkier--or more adorable--than the stifled giggles of a kid who thinks he's totally pulled one over on you.  I think we forget sometimes how much kids love to prank us just as much as we love to spring an April Fool's surprise on them. In their honor, here are som... Read More

5 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats

By Erin Collard

I truly miss my twin sons' time at our Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.  (no, we're not Catholic but I love those adorable little outfits with the blazers with the school crest on them, plus I figured MacLean could use a really healthy dose of guilt and responsibility.  Sadly, MacLean has ... Read More

Trick To Keep Your Boots Upright And Your Closets Tidy

By Karen Petersen

(This is the first of a series of posts that show different areas of my house and how I get them organized using little tips and tricks that are inexpensive.) Since the new year I've been on a mission to get my home more organized and tidy.  There are so many spaces in the home that can use my a... Read More

What to do with left over pumpkins

By Megan Harris

Do you still have pumpkins outside left over from Thanksgiving? I do because I live in Utah and it's cold enough to freeze my pumpkins! Don't throw them away just because they're covered in snow. I decided to do something fun with my pumpkins for Christmas. They were still good and solid so I decor... Read More

Ten Spooky and Scary Halloween Crafts for Kids

By Deon Sagers

When I was a ratty little kid, a favorite aspect of Halloween for me was trying my hand at spooky and scary Halloween crafts, either at a Halloween party at school or sometimes at home, all on my own, with a pile of faded orange construction paper and a dull pair of scissors nearby. Sadly, my... Read More

Halloween Word Search Puzzle!

By Deon Sagers

Are you looking for an easy activity for your daughter's harvest party at school or your son's Cub Scout gathering activity at his October den meeting? Print out this fun Halloween word search (see pdf link below), pass out some red, orange, or yellow colored pencils or highlighters, and let the h... Read More

Back to School Gift: Andes Mints

By Megan Harris

Most everyone is back to school and I don't know about the rest of you moms, but I am liking my few hours of quiet. I'm actually getting a lot done during this time. My son came home from school and said that he LOVES his teacher and wanted to give her something, so we made her this..   ... Read More

Free Printable for Grandparents Day

By Carrie Finlinson

Grandparents Day is September 8th. Right now Paper Coterie has a great free printable for Grandparents day  that can make for a thoughtful way to celebrate. I'm going to have my girls fill them out after school today and put them in the mail! Paper Coterie often has awesome free printables and... Read More

Finger Painting with Pudding

By Deon Sagers

Ooh! Ooh! Raise your hand and use your inside voice to let us know if you remember finger painting “beautiful” pictures when you were a kid. Yes? Me too! Finger painting was the best! It was like receiving fully-endorsed adult permission to make a mess of myself, and I loved it! Today, we... Read More

Canning Lid Fall Centerpice

By Megan Harris

With Fall approaching, I was thinking about some things I made last year that I didn't write about. With moving, it gave me a chance to go through boxes and I found a fun, easy project that I made that makes a great centerpiece.  It's a canning lid pumpkin. This is a simple project. You will ne... Read More