Dreamathon Open One More Weekend!

By Rachael Herrscher

Did you miss the Dreamathon at Granite High School last week?  You've got another chance to experience it! Haven't heard about it yet? Check it out: The Dreamathon is an interactive experience and exhibit aimed at empowering kids to pursue their dreams and realize their potential.  The D... Read More

Spring Break At The Leonardo In Utah

By Bryton@TheLeo

What are your kids' plans for spring break? Stay home, play video games, watch movies, stay inside? Wouldn't you want something that’s educational and FUN! Spring Break at The Leonardo can help... Read More

Pre-School Could Save Utah $30 Million Per Year

By Rachael Herrscher

Utah could save up to $30 million per year with a simple solution. Pre-School. Here's how: That's pretty easy math. Every $1 we spend saves us $7-10. I love simple solutions that have big impact, and pre-school is one of them. Want to help? You can help #Stand4PREK by contacting your Senato... Read More

Camp Leo Fall 2013

By Bryton@TheLeo

DATE OF EVENT: Thurs., Oct 17 and Fri. Oct., 18 Salt Lake City Activities for kids during UEA weekend Camp Leo Fall 2013 Are you ready to warm up with another round of educational fall workshops as the temperature gets a little cooler outdoors? The countdown has begun to Fall Camps at the L... Read More

The Leonardo Fall Workshops: Salt Lake City Attractions

By Bryton@TheLeo

The Leonardo is one of the great Salt Lake City Attractions. You shouldn't just fall into our workshops this Autumn. You should register, then run, push inanimate objects out the way and lift small children out of your path (unless they are going with you) to get the best seat. First off; you can r... Read More

Passport Free Ski Passes for 5th and 6th Graders in Utah

By Rachael Herrscher

Free Ski Passes for 5th and 6th Graders Fifth graders ski or ride three times FREE* at each of Utah's 14 resorts with Ski Utah's Fifth Grade Passport. (*$30 processing fee, $40 after January 31, 2014). The Sixth Grade Passport allows sixth graders to ski or ride one time FREE* at each reso... Read More

Tuesday Tots @ The Leonardo

By Bryton@TheLeo

Ok, imagine for a minute being a toddler visiting the Leo. Fascinating danglies that hang high above your head, a wall of colored lights where the bottom is just about level with your head, same with the lowest lovely things in the gift shop. Hmm, so going through the Art Lab you find big wooden tab... Read More

Planning Summer Activities That Boost Learning

By Carrie Finlinson

Today is May 1st. About right now, I start to get nervous about the big change just one calendar page ahead and ask:  What are we going to do all summer?  These nerves are fueled by a finding I read some time ago in Malcolm Gladwell's book The Outliers. One boundary breaking point Gladwell makes ... Read More

Mummies at the Leonardo

By carriancheney

(Check out the hair on this mummy head!! Can you believe how awesome that is?!) One thing that has always been very important to us as parents is spending quality time together as a family. I'm sure that most of you feel the same, but like us it can also be hard to find things to do that are fun an... Read More

Teaching a Child to Read

By Carrie Finlinson

Teaching a child to read is a big deal.  And for a mom, your child's reading progress is often an area of concern. Is she behind? Does he know all of his sounds? Should she be able to read that by now? I have totally been there and fretted about each of my daughters' reading levels for different... Read More