5 Best Books To Save Your Life: Disaster Preparedness For Utahns

By Erin Collard

My theory in life is simple: if I'm prepared for it, it won't happen.  I recognize this is reprehensibly naive, but there you go.  So far it's been working for me -- I haven't died (up to date will and life insurance policies, score!)  So, you can see it never hurts to Plan Ahead.   I su... Read More

The Great Utah Shakeout: What To Put In A 72 Hour Kit?

By Michelle Powell

After participating in Utah's largest statewide earthquake drill, The Great Utah Shakeout, we are more aware of the importance of preparing for an emergency. To properly prepare for an earthquake or general evacuation emergency, each person in your family needs to have a 72-hour kit packed and r... Read More

The Great Shake Out Video

By Rachael Herrscher

Today is the big earthquake drill. "The Great Shake Out". This video doesn't make me feel any better about any of it.   Dude. If you need to brush up on your earthquake skills, head over to More on TodaysMama: UtahMama - Food Storage Printable Emergency P... Read More

Make it from scratch…it’s easier than you think!

By Jamie Cooks It Up!

Are you a "make it from a mix" kind of gal, a "make it from scratch" kind of  chic, or a "grab Little Caesar's 3 nights a week"  kind of mother? Which ever describes you...feel no shame. There is a time and a place for all things. Even Little Caesar's, and most definitely cake mixes. Baking fr... Read More

Walmart…a wonder (and sometimes a curse)

By Jamie Cooks It Up!

For those of you fabulous grocery shopping mothers who don't know about the wonder of Walmart, I will let you in on a little secret. Walmart will match prices. What does this mean for you? It means if Smiths has eggs on sale for $1 a dozen you can buy them at Walmart for that price as well. Pretty n... Read More

Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe

By Jamie Cooks It Up!

Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe When you hear the words "Sugar Cookie"do you get a little overwhelmed? Do you feel a little whoozie thinking  of an all day project in the kitchen? You know how a sugar cookie project goes. You can see it in your minds eye.... flour and dough flying everywhere with can... Read More

Buy it cheap and stack it deep!

By Jamie Cooks It Up!

When you think of food storage, do you automatically conjure up pictures of little silver packages of dried food? Do you imagine yourself adding bottled water to unrecognizable powdery substances....waiting for them to magically turn into chicken cordon blue, and lasagna? Doesn't sound very appet... Read More