10 Things To Throw Out Right NOW

By Erin Collard

I'm the daughter of a Class 5 Hoarder, so I actually giggle when I watch "Buried Alive: Hoarders" because man, those people are amateurs!  So I'm the one hovering over my poor kids at their birthday parties whispering "do you really need that?  How about we put that in the 'throw away' pil... Read More

6 Amazing Recipes + $250 Harmons G.C. Giveaway

By Rachael Herrscher

We've pulled together 6 of our favorite Utah bloggers to bring us 6 amazing recipes inspired by Harmons Grocery and all of the unique products their carry. We love Harmons and I think these bloggers can show you why! Coconut Curry Poached Halibut with Micro Arugula Rachael from ... Read More

Amber Jewelry for Natural Healing and Pain Relief

By Nicole Marie

Is all this hype about Amber real? I have to say that I believe it is! Partially because my kids wear theirs every day, but mostly because there are so many moms raving about it. So much that I had to carry it in my shop because I was getting hounded for not having it (LOL not really but moms could... Read More

Costume Swap Layton, UT on Oct 12th

By Nicole Marie

I hate to pay full price for a Halloween costume -- I'd much rather make it myself. But even more fun than that, trading in an old one for another costume for FREE! We are hosting a costume swap at Honey Bump Maternity in Layton on October 12th from 10am-12pm. We're accepting outgrown costumes ... Read More

Utah Cloth Diaper Service – Buddha Babies

By Nicole Marie

As much as I love cloth diapers, you'd think I would blog more about them. I think it may be because my son is now potty trained, and I don't think about diapers as much. Well, today I did want to talk about something related to cloth diapers- A cloth diaper service! Yes, these services are comi... Read More

Eco Friendly Pest Control In Salt Lake City

By Rachael Herrscher

I'm paranoid. I'm paranoid about what's in my kids food, the air that we breathe here in Salt Lake City, and paranoid about the cleaners and products I bring into my home.  But I still hate spiders. Like HATE them. A lot. I'd love to let their little natural habitats flourish with their little spid... Read More

Great Phone Apps for Gardening and DIY Home Repairs

By Deon Sagers

Do you want to know what plants will grow and thrive in your climate? Do you want to successfully hang a picture on your wall without having to tilt your head in order for it to look straight? As the saying goes, there’s an app for that! In fact, there's an app for just about any gardening and... Read More

Lunette Menstrual Cup Giveaway – Celebrate your Independence!

By Nicole Marie

Celebrate your Independence! Independence from icky tampons and pads. Independence from wasting your hard-earned cash on trash :( It's been a year since I started using my Lunette menstrual cup and I am loving it so much! You can read my original review HERE. Seriously, best thing ever for my per... Read More

How to do a Sun Salutation

By jenniecarlson

Hello Beautiful, This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a sun salutation.  The sun salutation is the foundation of many yoga classes.  It's called a sun salutation because it builds heat in the body. Many yogis believe that if you do a sun salutation for every year you are old every da... Read More

Blue Dawn and Vinegar Cleaning Solution

By Megan Harris

In my quest to find homemade cleaning solutions I have found my two favorites. My first is the Orange Vinegar cleaner and my second favorite is..... Blue dawn and vinegar. YEP, Vinegar is MAGIC! I really love learning about all of this. Its new to me and fascinating. Here is what you'll need for th... Read More