Buy Your Canyons Seasons Passes Before April 13th to Save Big!

By Rachael Herrscher

We've always loved Canyons resort. I snowboarded there in college, we hosted evo Conference there for 3 years, and we've taken several family "staycations" at Canyons Resort. Here's a recent pic of my kids hanging out on Ski Beach, tuckered out after an awesome day of lessons: If you live ... Read More

6 Amazing Recipes + $250 Harmons G.C. Giveaway

By Rachael Herrscher

We've pulled together 6 of our favorite Utah bloggers to bring us 6 amazing recipes inspired by Harmons Grocery and all of the unique products their carry. We love Harmons and I think these bloggers can show you why! Coconut Curry Poached Halibut with Micro Arugula Rachael from ... Read More

What In The World Is Tapping (EFT)?

By rondadevereaux

It seems that lately Tapping is all the craze - you hear about it everywhere. Well, what in the world is Tapping? Before it was know as Tapping, it was called EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT draws on various forms of alternative medicince including accupunture (or accupressure), neuro-li... Read More

New Year, New You Challenge!

By jenniecarlson

Hello Beautiful! The New Year is approaching FAST!  Along with that comes New Year's Goals and Resolutions!  If you're like the majority of people you have loose weight, or get fit, or eat better listed among them.  You're not alone! Goals are important in moving yourself forward.  Creatin... Read More

3 Secrets to Feel Great and Lose Weight Starting Today!

By jenniecarlson

Hello Beautiful, 3 Secrets to Feel Great and Lose Weight Starting Today is a soul centered e-book that will guide you through three easy tips to love your body from the inside out!  This is not a diet plan or tough exercise regimen.  There's no counting calories or gym memberships required.  I... Read More

A Thinner Thanksgiving

By Melanie

Thanksgiving is upon us.  I LOVE Thanksgiving Day....and it isn't just for the food!  I love the whole idea of Thanksgiving...mostly because I don't think that many people are thankful enough or kind enough all year through.  But, people in general are more kind, thoughtful, loving and appreciati... Read More

What In The World Is Foot Zoning?

By rondadevereaux

  What in the world is foot zoning you ask? I love alternative healing modalities and will usually try anything once. I was told about foot zoning about a year ago and it was love at first zone. In laymen terms, I would describe it as a cross between reflexology, accupressure and essenti... Read More

Salt Lake Area Thanksgiving Day Races

By Carrie Finlinson

If you're hosting the big dinner, Thanksgiving day races might be out of the question. But if all you are responsible for is, say, the sweet potatoes, you  might be up for an early morning run. Here are links to Salt Lake Area Thanksgiving Day Races for 2013:  Millcreek Cold Turkey Run Place:... Read More

Get it Fresh and Local at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market

By Melanie

Are you aware that the Salt Lake City Farmers Market continues to run through the winter? This was exciting news to me!  And great news it is if you are trying to feed your family healthy, unprocessed foods, like I am.  The Winter Farmers Market is running every other weekend November 9th through... Read More

Talk To Yourself Like You Would To Someone You Love

By Erin Collard

Talk To Yourself Like You Would To Someone You Love… I’ll be honest.  This week has been a beating. “You’re so stupid!” “I can’t believe you did that!” “You are the worst mother in the world.” “Wow, congratulations on that.” (Sarcastically) If someone spok... Read More