San Juan County EMS 5K Race For Colon Cancer

By Megan Harris

The EMS in San Juan County, is having a 5K race to honor one of their own who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The race is being held Saturday March 22nd, 2014. The race starts at 10am, starting at Centennial park in Blanding Utah (900 So 300 W). For Registration information please check ... Read More

3 Secrets to Feel Great and Lose Weight Starting Today!

By jenniecarlson

Hello Beautiful, 3 Secrets to Feel Great and Lose Weight Starting Today is a soul centered e-book that will guide you through three easy tips to love your body from the inside out!  This is not a diet plan or tough exercise regimen.  There's no counting calories or gym memberships required.  I... Read More

Salt Lake Area Thanksgiving Day Races

By Carrie Finlinson

If you're hosting the big dinner, Thanksgiving day races might be out of the question. But if all you are responsible for is, say, the sweet potatoes, you  might be up for an early morning run. Here are links to Salt Lake Area Thanksgiving Day Races for 2013:  Millcreek Cold Turkey Run Place:... Read More

Why Am I So Sweaty?

By Melanie

Have you ever wondered what's the deal with all the sweat?  I don't know about you, but when I work out, I'm a sweaty mess.  Pretty gross if you ask me.  I've realized that over the last year as I have lost weight and become more healthy, that I also seem to sweat more when I workout.  So, what'... Read More

It’s Hot – Stay Cool

By Melanie

It has been an extremely hot summer.  Too hot on many days to want to be outside, in my opinion...and I LOVE the heat of summer!  Because of this, I haven't been getting in as many of my outdoor workouts and am getting bored of my indoor regimes.  While reading Fitness Magazine I found some help... Read More

Shoe Retirement

By Melanie

How do you know when to retire your running/workout shoes?  I've been wearing my walking/running shoes for well over 300 miles and I workout in the same shoes I walk in.  I wasn't sure if it was time for new shoes or not...and since the ones I like and choose to use are $60-$100 a pop, I wanted to... Read More

5K Training for Beginners

By Melanie

Spring and summer bring the season of 5Ks.  It seems like there is a 5K going on somewhere nearby almost every weekend.  I just participated in my first 5K, Color Me Rad, a couple of weeks ago.  Although this is a 5K, it is also a fun run, meant to raise money for the Utah Arts Festival Foundatio... Read More

Becoming a Runner- Part 3

By Mandy Woodhouse

This series has been all about how to become a runner. In Part 1 I discussed how I started running and a little about why I love to run. In Part 2 I gave 3 tips to get started. Hopefully those tips have led to a registration for an upcoming 5k and you've started getting out and letting your body g... Read More

Becoming a Runner- Part 2

By Mandy Woodhouse

  To become a runner I would first like to share a quote you'll need to memorize and repeat frequently through this process: "That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do - not that the nature of the thing is changed, but that our power to do is increased." - Ralph Waldo E... Read More

Becoming a Runner- Part One

By Mandy Woodhouse

My run becomes a walk as I struggle to work my way to the top of a steep hill in my neighborhood. My lungs and legs are burning and this is the moment my three-year-old daughter throws me some motivation, "Come on Mom... RUN!" Easy for her to say. She's not the one pushing a double jogger up thi... Read More