Please Come To The Period Party! Wait, What?

By Erin Collard

Please Come To The Period Party! Wait, What?   So, I got this in the mail the other day. At first I figured my girlie was pranking me.  I mean, Janet is your standard working Mom of many.  The kids are all in stuff like soccer and gymnastics.  She belongs to the Junior League.  W... Read More

April Fools! 5 Awesome Kid Pranks

By Erin Collard

  There's nothing dorkier--or more adorable--than the stifled giggles of a kid who thinks he's totally pulled one over on you.  I think we forget sometimes how much kids love to prank us just as much as we love to spring an April Fool's surprise on them. In their honor, here are som... Read More

“Mom, I’m Bored” Jar

By Karen Petersen

Are you tired of hearing "Mom, I'm bored?" from your child? Here is a great suggestion.  Come up with a list of about 15 chores and a list of about 10 fun activities and cut them into strips and put them in a jar.  Every time you hear those two dreadful words "I'm bored" the child has to grab ... Read More

Bathroom Bacteria Science Fair and Things We Do for Our Kids

By rondadevereaux

  I spent a couple of hours this past weekend pondering the things we do for our kids. Science Fair, Reality Town, History Fair, Thanksgiving, Mid Terms - the month of November was loaded with preparing for a variety of upcoming events. To top it all off, I got to stand guard outside sev... Read More

What In The World Is Reiki?

By rondadevereaux

  Whenever you start on a new path, many things come along that you previously knew nothing about. How many times have you heard someone talk about something and you had no idea what they were talking about and you were too self conscious to ask? I find that when people start talking abo... Read More

My Best Self Womens Group

By rondadevereaux

  MY BEST SELF SMALL GROUPS – Tuesdays – Oct 15 – Dec 3 (10/15, 10/22, 10/29/ 11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3, 12/10) 6:00 – 7:30 These groups are about going back to the basics and looking at what’s working and what’s not. About really reflecting on your life and getting clea... Read More

Camp Leo Fall 2013

By Bryton@TheLeo

DATE OF EVENT: Thurs., Oct 17 and Fri. Oct., 18 Salt Lake City Activities for kids during UEA weekend Camp Leo Fall 2013 Are you ready to warm up with another round of educational fall workshops as the temperature gets a little cooler outdoors? The countdown has begun to Fall Camps at the L... Read More

Women Empowered: A Leadership Journey in Ogden Utah

By rondadevereaux

  Katie Holland gives the afternoon keynote address at the 10th annual Women Empowered conference at Weber State University on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013. Holland spoke on the importance of building relationships in business. (BENJ... Read More

Milk Kefir Does A Belly Good

By rondadevereaux

Does everyone out there know what milk kefir is? I have had a bit of writers block this past week or so. I usually derive inspiration to write by observing the things going on around me (I have always been an observer). But lately it has seemed that inspiration had left me for the neighbors hous... Read More

Tuesday Tots @ The Leonardo

By Bryton@TheLeo

Ok, imagine for a minute being a toddler visiting the Leo. Fascinating danglies that hang high above your head, a wall of colored lights where the bottom is just about level with your head, same with the lowest lovely things in the gift shop. Hmm, so going through the Art Lab you find big wooden tab... Read More