What to wear for fall family photos

By Nicole Marie

I love taking family pictures, but I really love when a professional does them for me. It's so much easier to relax and enjoy the experience when someone else can suggest outfits, get the perfect poses, find the right lighting, and take their camera off auto. Let's face it, I haven't yet mastered al... Read More

Maternity photos…a time to remember

By Nicole Marie

I haven't had a family photo done in a really long time and we're way over due...but there are certain times in life that you MUST document because you can never get them back. You can always take a family photo but what about that special time when you were actually creating life within yourself? Y... Read More

KD Photography

By Stephanie Petersen

I love taking pictures of my little ones, the capturing of those daily memories that I know I will soon forget.  The fascination my little girl has with touching her belly, my son’s obsession with playing soccer every day after school to prove he can take me down to China town, and my 2 little gu... Read More

How To: Use a Photoshop clipping mask for scrapbooking

By Heidi Porter

I wanted to start Photoshop 101 with what I see as a really simple basis for beginning digital scrap booking. It is called using clipping masks and there are so many different ways to use them as well as create them. Lets start with the basics. I'm going to start with a template that I bought from A... Read More

Drowning in Pictures!

By Heidi Porter

In this digital era it is all to easy to take picture after picture after picture but then what? I ask my clients this all the time here in Salt Lake City, "what are you going to do with those files?" Everyone is very eager to have a CD of digital images but, then what? Most get quietly stuck into a... Read More

Capturing Every Small Moment

By Heidi Porter

This is my job. To capture, freeze, and memorialize small moments to last forever. I'm almost positive few of you have ever thought about your photographs as heirlooms or precious objects but, essentially that is what they are. I hold dear every photo I have of my dear grandmother or each little mom... Read More

Secrets the Scrapbookers Know – Add Fun to Your Photos

By Marcel Walker

When I was down in Santa Fe at a photography workshop, my friend Barabara was making these really cool collages as we were editing and I kept thinking how the heck does she have time to that with everything else we're supposed to be doing. Well, Barabara is in the "know" and she told me for thirty m... Read More

The Art of Art – Photography Workshops in Santa Fe

By Marcel Walker

The  Santa Fe Workshops in New Mexico offer unparalled opportunities to be taught by some of the nation's best photographers.  So I packed my bags, muttering to myself that this was perhaps one on the most stupid things I've ever done. Ok, for the record the most stupid thing I've done was pet a b... Read More

Sex, Sin, and Cupcakes with Evil Chocolate Frosting – with Food Photography Tips

By Marcel Walker

Did you ever think cupcakes could be sexy and sinful? Well, they can be. At a recent cooking class with  Sara Voortmeyer at  Thanksgiving Point, she dished out her favorite cupcake recipes and this mocha cupcake recipe was one of my favorite of her collection. It's sexy, sinful, and absolut... Read More

UMFA and Clark Planetarium 2 for 1 Deal

By Marcel Walker

I love to shoot in low light conditions so the Clark Planetarium was a treat for me. I did this shot at 1/60 at f2.8 24 mm at 1000 ISO. If you don't know what any of that means, you don't need to because The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) and the Clark Planetarium have a 2 for 1 deal going on r... Read More