SLC Momentum Climbing Birthday Party Giveaway

By Rachael Herrscher

I love birthdays and I love celebrating . . . but I hate cleaning my house and planning games by the quarter hour for over a dozen crazy tween boys. My solution: we hosted our sons birthday party at Momentum climbing this year.  No cleaning, minimal prep, and plenty of room to burn up that 12-ye... Read More

Four Reasons Chores Matter: Age-Appropriate Jobs For Kids

By Erin Collard

Four Reasons Chores Matter: Age-Appropriate Jobs For Kids   Summer’s always our big time to change household routines and structure.  Since our twins have autism, they’re not fond of change, so we try to make sure that everything else is pretty relaxed at the same time.  I will be... Read More

Battling eczema- oatmeal bath, essential oils and other tips

By Nicole Marie

Disclaimer: I am a doTERRA rep and the essential oils I used in this post are doTERRA essential oils. You do not have to use them. :) BATTLING ECZEMA We all hate it. The itching, the d... Read More

Camping at Anderson Cove

By Nicole Marie

We had a great long weekend with friends and family camping at Anderson Cove for three nights. This is a great location on the water if you would like to get on boats or jet skis or other fun toys. My boys also had a lot of fun fishing with their dad. This is a pretty clean campground and they lock... Read More

Handmade Mothers Day Gifts at the Utah Art Market

By Carrie Finlinson

Utah Art Market is this weekend, May 2nd and 3rd, at the Sugarhouse Garden Center. It's a great spot to hunt for unique Mothers Day gifts. If you've never been to Art Market, you're missing out. Here is what I like about it: 1. Art Market is held in a small venue. The focus is on quality, h... Read More

Utah’s East Hollywood High Presents ‘A Night In Hollywood’ April 26, 2014

By rondadevereaux

Charter High Schools are popping up all over the place. During my visit to Comic Con this past weekend, I found out about a charter high school out in West Valley City that is all about Film Production and Related Arts & Media. This was the last thing I expected to learn about at Comic Con, bu... Read More

Celebrate National Poetry Month

By Carrie Finlinson

April is National Poetry Month and the word lover in me can't let it float by unnoticed. So I am going to celebrate by sharing this little story. Last fall, my husband and I took our 14 year old daughter on a solo trip to New York City. She earned it the year before with perfect grades, but that ... Read More

Utah Entreprenuerial Summit – May 14, 2014

By rondadevereaux

2014 Entrepreneurial Summit - May 14 - 2014 ~ Layton Utah   Keynote Speakers include - Thurl Bailey ~ Begin With The End In Mind Chris Redgrave ~ The Power of Positivity Judy M. Robinett ~ Powerconnecting : Build Relationships That Build Business   There are 3 tra... Read More

Self Love Challenge: Selfie Challenge

By rondadevereaux

As my self love challenge series comes to an end, I was planning on talking about saying No and making powerful requests. Then I saw the video below on the Today Show and redirected my course. I decided that this self love challenge should be about knowledge, sharing that knowledge and about being... Read More

“Mom, I’m Bored” Jar

By Karen Petersen

Are you tired of hearing "Mom, I'm bored?" from your child? Here is a great suggestion.  Come up with a list of about 15 chores and a list of about 10 fun activities and cut them into strips and put them in a jar.  Every time you hear those two dreadful words "I'm bored" the child has to grab ... Read More