Utah Mama

Hayes Tough 5k Run/Walk + Carnival

By Rachael Herrscher

They say it takes a village… I strongly believe that we were put on this earth to help each other… especially in times of need. And for an amazing family in Utah, there time of need is now. Meet the Steve and Savanna Tate and their cute family! They are an incredible family trying to juggle w... Read More

Primary Children’s New Eccles Outpatient Building

By Rachael Herrscher

A few weeks ago we gathered a group of bloggers for a sneak peek at Primary Children's new Eccles Outpatient Building. You can see more about that evening and some of the photos we took there under the #DiscoverPCH hashtag on Instagram. It would be hard to find a family that has not been touched ... Read More

5 Decluttering Tasks, 15 Minutes Each

By Erin Collard

5 Decluttering Tasks, 15 Minutes Each I’ve noticed that every time I’m ready to whimper about my ridiculously over-scheduled life, Fate immediately presents me with someone who’s really juggling with all ten fingers and toes and still makes everything work.  So, I immediately steal thei... Read More

Summer Camps at The Leo

By Bryton@TheLeo

Summer. A time for kids to unwind. To "veg" out in front of the T.V. A time to inevitably be bored silly until school starts again. That is, until, it’s time to construct underwater robots. Craft original,stunning street art. Mix digitally mastered music. Build your own invention, alongsid... Read More

Love Utah Give Utah 2014: Your $10 could help The Leonardo get $5,000!

By Bryton@TheLeo

  Hi everyone! It's Bryton from The Leonardo. Today is the annual Love Utah, Give Utah 2014 event, a push to raise money for non-profits throughout the state. Browsing through the list of or... Read More

Chocolate Exhibit At The Natural History Museum Of Utah

By Stephanie Petersen

The littles and I took a trip to the Natural History Museum of Utah for the sassiest one's preschool field trip.  We were so pleased to have stumbled upon the Chocolate Exhibit, since we consume a good portion of it.  Seriously one of the neatest exhibits!!  Too cool not to share. I had no ide... Read More

University of Utah Gymnastics – Ticket Giveaway!

By Stephanie Petersen

As a young girl I loved the days our family would go to the University of Utah gymnastics meets.  My best friend (and gymnastics taking buddy) would come along.  We would sit and dream that some day we would be able to do what these colleague athletes did  with such ease. Those days are long gone... Read More

University of Utah Basketball

By Stephanie Petersen

Another WIN for the AMAZING UTES!! With only 4 losses in EXTREMELY close nail biter games this team is on a roll.  Saturday we were lucky enough to get 3 extra tickets so our family minus the sassy one got to go.   Usually my husband takes one of our 3 boys for some quality one-on-o... Read More

Superhero party at Discovery Gateway

By Aimee Cook

If your kids are into superheros and superpowers, take them to the Discovery Gateway January 17 for a superhero party. They will use their imaginations and create a mask and a cape, power up with a superhero snack, and learn superhero skills. Discovery Boy and Discovery Girl will provide expert trai... Read More

New Year, New You Challenge!

By jenniecarlson

Hello Beautiful! The New Year is approaching FAST!  Along with that comes New Year's Goals and Resolutions!  If you're like the majority of people you have loose weight, or get fit, or eat better listed among them.  You're not alone! Goals are important in moving yourself forward.  Creatin... Read More