Utah Style

Moms with Gauged Ears

By Nicole Marie

Moms can have gauged ear lobes right? Of course they can! I remember the first time I saw my brother with gauged ears almost 10 years ago. I thought he was absolutely crazy. Not only was it completely new to me, but he gauged them to some humongous size that HE didn't even know what size they wer... Read More

Tuesday Tots @ The Leonardo

By Bryton@TheLeo

Ok, imagine for a minute being a toddler visiting the Leo. Fascinating danglies that hang high above your head, a wall of colored lights where the bottom is just about level with your head, same with the lowest lovely things in the gift shop. Hmm, so going through the Art Lab you find big wooden tab... Read More

Summer Maternity Clothes Must Haves

By Nicole Marie

Summer is HERE so I thought it necessary to put together a post on some great summer maternity clothes items to have in your maternity wardrobe this season. Keep it light and airy and find pieces that you can mix and match so you don't get tired of your temporary stretchy wardrobe. These pictures... Read More

Sensitive Ears? Try This Earring Trick!

By Karen Petersen

Sponsored Recipe // This application requires JavaScript.   My mom didn't let me get my ears pieced until I was 18 years old.  So I feel like waiting that long really helped me to appreciate getting to wear earrings.  Now I wear them all the time!  Basically, if I'm leav... Read More

Studio Enizio-Your Dream Hair Salon

By carriancheney

  Am I the only one that has had a horrible haircut? In fact, I've had quite a few. For example, in high school I was getting ready for my senior pictures and went to get a trim. She just kept cutting and cutting and before you knew it I had chin length hair. She had chopped it all off. ... Read More

Back To School Clothes Shopping — What Is Your M.O.?

By Rachelle Hughes

I am done! Back to school clothes shopping is checked off my list. Wow, what an insane marathon of online shopping, outlet shopping and sale shopping to outfit my 3 kids. Let's just say that my little town of Cedar City can only take you so far on the school shopping list. (I love you Cedar, but you... Read More

DIY T-Shirt scarves for Christmas

By Nicole Marie

I'm on this big Up-Cycle trip where I just want to take every piece of junk I find and make something cool out of it....most of the time it turns out great (I said most of the time). This Christmas I really wanted to handmake a lot of my Christmas gifts. There's something about handmade gifts tha... Read More

Why are maternity clothes so expensive?!

By Nicole Marie

Maybe it isn't the price tag that made me cringe, but the short amount of time the clothing would be worn. I remember being pregnant and starting to show, I couldn't wait to find some super cute clothes to accentuate my new curves and baby bump :) Yet, everytime I would go shopping for clothes, I wo... Read More

How to get an awesome haircut!

By Nicole Marie

I remember being in my late teens and early 20's when I could never get a good hair cut. My hair was mid length and I was trying to grow it out but keep it maintained at the same time. Every time I got a cut I didn't like the layers, they always cut off more than I wanted....once a guy even nipped m... Read More

Belts are a maternity must have

By Nicole Marie

You might think that because of your pregnancy-induced expanded waistline, cute belts don't belong anywhere in your maternity wardrobe....but think again! Cute belts are stealing the show on baby bumps all over the place. I hear it everyday "maternity clothes are so much cuter nowadays compared the ... Read More