Extreme Mammals at the Natural History Museum of Utah

By Rachael Herrscher

Do your kids love creatures? From my 5-year-old to my 13-year-old all of my kids loved the Extreme Mammals exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah! Bonus? The exhibit is probably in my favorite building in the great state of Utah.  You've got until July 26th to check it out so put it on your... Read More

The “Farm” In Springville

By Jocelyn Cooley

For those of you who live in or around Springville, this could be a fun activity for a slow day. On the corner of Center Street and 950 East is what I like to call "The Farm". I call it that because the person who owns the property has so many different animals on it! For example: Red Kangaroo... Read More

Childhood Favorites- Wheeler Farm

By Stephanie Petersen

Do you have that favorite place that reminds you of your childhood? The one that brings back all those great memories of feeling free with no stress and nothing to worry about? For me Wheeler Farm is that place. We visited the farm quite often growing up. I think I loved it then and now because I've... Read More

What scares you? Vultures, bats and bugs for 2010

By Hogle Zoo

Some people have irrational fears of the dark. Some people are terrified by clowns. Then there’s the most hideous thought of all: Clowns in the dark. Other ... Read More