Chewy Caramel Apple Popcorn Balls

By Lindsey Johnson

One day last year, I drove over to Allred Orchards in Provo to pick up a gallon (or three) of their famous fresh apple cider.  It hit me that what I needed to do was figure out how to capture the deliciousness of their cider into caramel. I made ice cream and sauces. And then one day this summer as... Read More

Fall Family Activity: Pick Your Own Apples

By Michelle Powell

On Saturdays and Sundays from September 1st to September 23rd, you can get your family out of the house and up to Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway to pick your own apples in their historic apple orchard. You must have a reservation, so call the park Visitor Center at (435) 654-1791 to rese... Read More

Pork Chops and Apple BEER!

By Daralyn

I stumbled across the best pork chops marinade at the grocery store. It was destiny! We eat a ton of pork in our house. The cuts are versatile and the taste never disappoints. The key is to keep the preparation innovative; long gone are the days of the stiff, grey-colored mystery meat. As I was rol... Read More