caramel apples

Chewy Caramel Apple Popcorn Balls

By Lindsey Johnson

One day last year, I drove over to Allred Orchards in Provo to pick up a gallon (or three) of their famous fresh apple cider.  It hit me that what I needed to do was figure out how to capture the deliciousness of their cider into caramel. I made ice cream and sauces. And then one day this summer as... Read More

Easy Caramel Apples you can make with your kiddos

By Carrie Finlinson

Don't caramel apples sound good this time of year? Yes, it’s true they sound good all the time, but especially right now.  Here’s an easy kid friendly way to make them: KIDS: Prep the apples by washing them. YOU: Insert the popsicle sticks.  (There are big bags of these at the Dollar... Read More