Senate Bill 164: An Answer for Utah’s Uninsured Families

By Rachael Herrscher

Have you ever received a medical bill that drained your savings for a month or two? Even with health insurance, medical bills can be a heavy financial burden to bear. But for thousands of Utah families living without health coverage, it often means financial ruin. By supporting Senate Bill 164, the... Read More

Baseball and Softball sign ups in Blanding

By Megan Harris

It's that time of year again: Baseball and Softball season. I love this time of year! It's officially Spring when Baseball comes around. The Blanding Wellness center (Blanding, Utah) is having open registration until April 11th, 2014. 10pm is the deadline. Games will start Mid May. You ca... Read More

San Juan County EMS 5K Race For Colon Cancer

By Megan Harris

The EMS in San Juan County, is having a 5K race to honor one of their own who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The race is being held Saturday March 22nd, 2014. The race starts at 10am, starting at Centennial park in Blanding Utah (900 So 300 W). For Registration information please check ... Read More

Find Your Motivation

By Melanie

What's your motivation to keep kicking butt at the gym, day after day?  Do you have a true motivator?  It's so crucial to find your motivation.  Have you ever considered it?  I'm not talking about the type of motivation that you "want to be fit to keep up with your kids" or "be a healthy role mo... Read More

A Fun Twist on Working Out, Handstands Every Day

By Melanie

As a busy mom, like many of you,  it means I often can't make it out to the gym like I plan to.  But, it is so important to me that I get some sort of exercise in on a daily basis.  So, I'm always looking for things I can do from home.  While on FaceBook, I came across this little gem called "5 ... Read More

It’s a HIT (high-intensity interval training)!

By Melanie

Want to try something new to change up your workout?  The newest thing hitting the gyms is HIT (high-intensity interval training).  The point of this training is to work your muscles to the max for short bursts of time with a short recovery in between, then move on.  Push yourself past what you'r... Read More

Workout at Work #3

By Melanie

Are you ready for more moves to do at work to increase your fitness level?  Here are a few moves that will get you moving and get your heart rate up, if you're committed. 1.  Jog in Place...  Sounds simple right?  Well, it is!  Take a mini break every couple of hours and jog in place for at ... Read More

Cardio Barre Workout Comes to Utah

By Megan Harris

A fun new workout has come to Utah thanks to these amazing sisters, Megan Cross and Shantel Reitz. I was able to ask them a few questions about this fun new workout.... Cardio Barre.   Q: How did you get involved with Cardio Barre? A: I got involved through Cardio Barre through a dear f... Read More

Workout at Work #2

By Melanie

So hopefully by now you are using a stability ball instead of (or in conjunction with) a desk chair.  If so, you're getting a great core workout every time you're using it.  Great job! The next thing to add to your at-work fitness regime is wall push-ups.  I know, I know...push-ups are not fun... Read More

It’s Hot – Stay Cool

By Melanie

It has been an extremely hot summer.  Too hot on many days to want to be outside, in my opinion...and I LOVE the heat of summer!  Because of this, I haven't been getting in as many of my outdoor workouts and am getting bored of my indoor regimes.  While reading Fitness Magazine I found some help... Read More