17th Annual Bluff Balloon festival

By Megan Harris

For the last 17 years in Bluff Utah, there has been an amazing sight in the skies. Hot air balloons from all over come and are released in the clouds above Bluff. The international festival will be help January 16th-18th, 2015. There are several activities that will be held over the weekend. F... Read More

San Juan County EMS 5K Race For Colon Cancer

By Megan Harris

The EMS in San Juan County, is having a 5K race to honor one of their own who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The race is being held Saturday March 22nd, 2014. The race starts at 10am, starting at Centennial park in Blanding Utah (900 So 300 W). For Registration information please check ... Read More

Making My Kitchen Table Into a Mini Preschool

By Megan Harris

School has arrived. I am a newbie at this, my oldest is starting kindergarten on Tuesday. Well, he meets his teacher and they do the assessment, then he starts school. I am so excited for him and a little nervous and anxious. He'll do GREAT, I know it. He is so eager to learn, he does better at list... Read More

“Pre-owned” clothing and gear

By Megan Harris

Be honest, you've dropped over $200 at Carters before haven't you?  I have, but its over $300 (shhhh don't tell).  Kids clothes are SO cute, you go to the store to get what they need  but, it can get even MORE expensive if you don't stick to what you went into the store to get.  So how can we al... Read More

Way to Save Money with Kids in June

By Megan Harris

We are moms who try to save as much money as we can when it comes to our kids. Kids cost.... A LOT.... from diapers to clothes, toys to school. It can add up, to upwards of $15,000 a year. WOW. I have gathered some ideas to help all of us save a little money this summer. With the savings, maybe us m... Read More

Free Easter Egg Hunts!

By Jocelyn Cooley

Hey families! Looking for an Easter Egg Hunt to take your kids to? Check out these free hunts going on in Utah County and see if there is one near you!     April 16, 2011 Bring your families, brothers, sisters, neices, nephews and cousins for UVUSA’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. Uta... Read More

Scarecrows in Park City

By Rachael Herrscher

Last Sunday we went to Park City for the afternoon to see the fall leaves in full swing and to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We ended up on the trail off Highway SR-224 at the old McPolin Farm also known as "The Big White Barn off of the Highway".  You see it everytime you drive into Park City.  ... Read More

Bouncin’ Off the Walls

By Stephanie Petersen

OK parents, listen up!!  You only come across a birthday party location like Bouncin' Off the Walls every so often.  We have had parties at Bouncin' off the Walls more than we have had them at home.  My kids love the place!  But I think I love this place more, I mean come on how could you not... Read More

Utah State Fair

By Stephanie Petersen

As excited as we are for school to begin, we  know that just around the corner is the Utah State Fair ready for us to attend.  This is a family tradition that has carried on since I was a little girl.  I love everything about the fair, the excitement in the air, the smells (ok except for the anim... Read More

The Power of a Question

By Groovy Girl Scout

A simple but powerful question. Click on the link below now to be uplifted and inspired, to challenge your current perceptions and potentially provoked to take action. This is Girl Scouts 2010, making a differe... Read More