Senate Bill 164: An Answer for Utah’s Uninsured Families

By Rachael Herrscher

Have you ever received a medical bill that drained your savings for a month or two? Even with health insurance, medical bills can be a heavy financial burden to bear. But for thousands of Utah families living without health coverage, it often means financial ruin. By supporting Senate Bill 164, the... Read More

How to Insure Your Valuables

By Megan Harris

We all have valuables. Some more valuable then others. Some are priceless to us. So how do we insure our valuables? Are they covered under home warranty? Most homeowners insurance polices are limited or have limited coverage on certain items and or expensive items, and not all policies cover acci... Read More

Insurance for a Credit Card? Is it really needed?

By Megan Harris

You walk into your bank/credit union to apply for a Visa Credit Card, and you get approved. The Loan officer is explaining your loan application, you sign, then they pull out another form for you to sign. Some loan officers might not explain this form very well, others might explain the form in such... Read More