Get it Fresh and Local at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market

By Melanie

Are you aware that the Salt Lake City Farmers Market continues to run through the winter? This was exciting news to me!  And great news it is if you are trying to feed your family healthy, unprocessed foods, like I am.  The Winter Farmers Market is running every other weekend November 9th through... Read More

FUN At Gardner Village: Witch Scavenger Hunt

By Michelle Powell

Everybody knows that Gardner Village is great for shopping, but what most people don't know is all of the FUN there is to be had there! Watch for my posts over the next few weeks as I discover all of the FUN there is at Gardner Village in West Jordan! Witch Scavenger Hunt One of our favori... Read More

Halloween Pick: What’s In The Haunted Old House

By Michelle Powell

This is one of our favorite Halloween traditions. A puppet show at the library mixed with original songs, this performance will guide you through the journey that is Halloween! Kevin Hurst, the creator of What's In The Haunted Old House, uses members of the audience to help tell the story of Hallo... Read More

Halloween Pick: Nightmare On 13th Haunted House

By Michelle Powell

I sent Enjoy Utah's field experts, Chad and Jen, to check out Nightmare on 13th Haunted House, and this is what they had to say: Jen and I got to experience Nightmare on 13th for 2012. This place has been one of my favorite haunted houses for many years. I had heard that they made many change... Read More

Halloween Pick: Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus

By Michelle Powell

I sent Enjoy Utah's field experts, Chad and Jen, to check out Strangling Bros. Haunted Trailers, and they were terrified! They are huge fans of haunted houses, and loved this one! It's a definite must check out this Halloween season! Here's what they had to say: Last Friday night, Strangling Br... Read More

Goddess Day Camp

By rondadevereaux

Gotta love the shoes, eh? I wear them when I teach. To me, they symbolize the journey that I have been on and just how far I have come. I have got to tell you that Dorothy's shoes had nuthin' on these! (Mine are magic too....) This past weekend, I had the honor of speaking to some wonderful... Read More

The Communal Brunch That Changed Breakfast Forever

By carriancheney

If you're anything like me, you work your buns off all week long and when the weekend comes, you want to feel like you are living life, not merely waddling through it. Weekends are moments that we get to reconnect with family and friends that we've been hurrying past all week long. It's relaxation a... Read More

37th Annual Utah Greek Festival 2012

By rondadevereaux

My middle daughter is a foodie. All I have to do is mention food and she is right there (by the way, kids cooking classes are on the top of my list of parenting tips - they have paid off a hundred times over). Every year it seems as if I miss the Greek Festival. Did I say that Greek food is my... Read More

2012 Utah Summer Olympics

By rondadevereaux

  What, you didn't hear? Utah had their own summer olympics last week up at Camp Utaba in Eden. My two younger daughters attend Layton Christian Academy. Every year right after school starts they take the middle school up to Camp Utaba for a retreat. This gives the new and returning stud... Read More

Twilight Concerts Pioneer Park

By Aimee Cook

There are only 2 more concerts in this years Twilight Concert Series hosted at Pioneer Park. For only $5 you can be entertained with live music, some of which are local, Utah home grown bands. Today, August 23, enjoy the sounds of M.Ward and Devotchka. The final performance will be August 30 and sho... Read More