It’s Hot – Stay Cool

By Melanie

It has been an extremely hot summer.  Too hot on many days to want to be outside, in my opinion...and I LOVE the heat of summer!  Because of this, I haven't been getting in as many of my outdoor workouts and am getting bored of my indoor regimes.  While reading Fitness Magazine I found some help... Read More

Summer – No Better Time to Get in Shape

By Melanie

Summer is definitely upon us!  This is my favorite season. I love being outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather and sunshine. Weather like this opens up new opportunities for fitness adventures. I don't know about you, but after working out indoors all winter long, my workouts can become monotonous... Read More

The Summer Snacking Dilemma & Some Rules

By Rachelle Hughes

I am slightly freaking out at what I refer to as the snacking dilemma. Summer is here and I have found myself stocking up on junk food out of pure panic. I admit it! I am not proud of it. But let's get real. When you have a teenage boy in your house (and all his friends) you are not going to be maki... Read More

16 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

By Karen Petersen

Hey, don't put the slow cooker away just because the weather is heating up.  In fact, use it more since it won't heat up your house and you can spend all afternoon at the pool and come home to dinner already done.  Here are 16 great summer slow cooker recipes: 1.  Beef Enchilada Salad 2.  ... Read More

The Summer Reading Slide – here it comes again

By Jacqui Voland

According to an article by RIF (Reading is Fundamental),  children who do not read over the summer will lose more than two months of reading achievement. In addition each summer they do not spend time reading that loss will accumulate over the elementary years.   What that really means is that "b... Read More

Way to Save Money with Kids in June

By Megan Harris

We are moms who try to save as much money as we can when it comes to our kids. Kids cost.... A LOT.... from diapers to clothes, toys to school. It can add up, to upwards of $15,000 a year. WOW. I have gathered some ideas to help all of us save a little money this summer. With the savings, maybe us m... Read More

Battle Creek Falls

By Jocelyn Cooley

This is a short, simple hike for those of you who love easy outings! We did this last weekend with some friends and a scout group and had lots of fun up there, even with the millions of other people who also took advantage of the perfect summer weather! Battle Creek Falls is a beautiful set of tw... Read More

Free Summer Lunch Programs Along The Wasatch Front

By Erin Collard

  When you’re a little one in a struggling family, the end of school is not exactly a celebration.  Many of the Littles really depend on that hot lunch or the breakfast they get at school as their main–or only–meal of the day.  Utahns Against Hunger has an excellent and comprehen... Read More

City Celebrations 2011

By Jocelyn Cooley

Hooray,  summer is almost here! Well, you wouldn't think so with all the weather we've had, but I'm hoping we'll get another glimpse of it soon. Meanwhile, if you are a planner like me, you have time now to get ready for all of the events going on. A big thing I look forward to every year are th... Read More

National Parks Free Entrance Days

By Jocelyn Cooley

Mark your calendars! The national parks free entrance days are at different times of the year but you can start planning now for the remaining days of 2011! These days are set aside as free access days to any national park. This is a great thing to take advantage of when, for example, you visit Y... Read More