A Conversation About Ice

By sarahbenson

A conversation about ice with a 2 1/2 year old Georgia do you want ice water?No. Yes. Just water.Ok, so no ice?Yes.Yes ice?No.Ok. No ice.Yes.(filling up orange cup with water)Mommy noooooo!I'm putting water in your cup. You asked for just water.No, Mommy. No ice.So you want ice?Yes. No.So no ice.... Read More

Homemade Valentine Gifts

By Stephanie Petersen

For Valentine's gifts this year I wanted to make it a bit more meaningful and make it a homemade Valentines.  I want the little ones to know that all my love went into making gifts that they will use.  In all honesty they won't give a rats, but it will make me feel better :) For the big boys I ... Read More

This Week’s Children’s Book Picks & Tips

By vanessabrown

Infant Book Pick & Tip Book: The Usborne Book Series called, "That's Not My...." were books that my little girls loved when they were infants. The simplicity, fun illustrations, bright colors, bouncy, fun text and texture in the fabric on the pages captivated them! I love giving these books as... Read More