Fresh Mother’s Day Traditions

By Erin Collard

Fresh Mother's Day Traditions Mother's Day just seems a little lackluster...there's the breakfast in bed, a gift or two...but as holidays go, it just doesn't have the glamour of say, Christmas or Halloween.  But trust me.  As a mom, I can tell you we DO like Mother's Day.  Christmas is a bea... Read More

Traditions: Nineteenth Century Evening

By Lisa Taylor

We have many Traditions.  And I’ll be honest:  My children have voiced some not so positive thoughts toward this tradition over the years. But it’s a lovely--and in truth one of our favorite traditions--one well worth pursuing.  Just keep at it; you will succeed and be the happier for it! ... Read More

5 Back To School Traditions

By laurielarsen

What is it about the start of school? While I weep inside at the thought of summer ending, I am also a bit thrilled/nervous about the kids going back to school next week. I remember being their age and not being able to sleep the night before the first day because I was too busy dreaming about what ... Read More

The Dickens’ Christmas Festival is BACK!

By Stephanie Petersen

UPDATE: Click here to print a coupon for $1 Off admission to the festival! December is one of those times of year when memories of when I was a little girl come flooding back.  Traditions like caroling at the rest home,  running through the snow in our swimsuits and jumping into our hot tub, ca... Read More

Mama’s At A Glance- August

By Stephanie Petersen

Mama’s at a Glance- August Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working mom, or single mom, we all want to engage our children with books, crafts, games, cooking and service every month.  But researching and planning can take time.  Time often taken up with dishes, laundry, and carpooling.  ... Read More